10 Ways WCW Wasted Their Money

Looking at the history of WCW, the question is not how this company went out of business, but how they managed to last as long as they did. If not for Ted Turner’s backing, WCW might have folded much earlier thanks to their infamously long list of massive mistakes. Even at the height of their success, the company was making some incredibly stupid moves that would end up costing them. The biggest would be the ridiculously over-inflated contracts paying out guys far more than they were actually worth. It got to the point many wrestlers realized they could make more money just sitting at home rather than risk their health.

But WCW also made other insanely stupid moves. From blowing cash on idiotic matches and wild stunts, celebrity appearances and more, the company seemed to go out of its way to waste Turner’s money. So when Turner was removed from power, all those costs hurt them bad. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous things WCW blew millions on as a reminder why they lost the Monday Night War.

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