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10 WCW Debuts That Flopped

WCW has featured some of the biggest stars in all of pro wrestling, but sometimes big-time debuts don't go according to plan. These WCW debuts failed!

WCW tried their best to create memorable moments during their strongest times in the ‘90s. Fans loved the Monday Night Wars due to the unpredictability on both shows. WCW signed many noteworthy names and introduced new characters with impressive debuts. The most memorable debuts were done to create new stars for the promotion, but the results were quite mixed.

Quite a few wrestlers endured mediocre runs or worse after the interesting debut. WCW often struggled to push every talented wrestler since they had one of the largest rosters in wrestling history. Other scenarios saw the booking or talent lead too such failure. Find out just what caused such stories to fall apart. The following WCW wrestlers went nowhere after having big debuts.


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