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10 Worst Bookings in WCW Nitro History

WCW Nitro was WWE Raw's biggest competitor but some of the worst booking decisions in wrestling history caused their downfall.

Not every booking in wrestling or WCW could be like Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Thunder Liger, the debut match of Monday Night Nitro. Certainly, not every angle can be as white-hot as the nWo invading Panama Beach and obliterating the WCW stars so badly that the real cops were called.

Some bookings just plain stink or are poorly thought out, or just don’t resonate with the crowds. If wrestling bookers had sure-fire formulas that always worked, they wouldn’t have pencils. Here are ten of the worst booking decisions in you the history of Monday Night Nitro.

10. The Reboot

By 2000, WCW was completely in the toilet and bobsledding towards the cemetery. In theory, anything could, should, and would have been tried to get back some semblance of an audience. The idea of both Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo coming back in the same night certainly was an intriguing one.

Stripping everyone of the titles in a move to try and reboot WCW as The Millionaire’s Club vs. The New Blood was asking the audience to toss years of storylines out the window and see if this massive wad of gum was going to stick to the wall.

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