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10 Worst WCW Cruiserweight Champions in History

The WCW Cruiserweight Champion became one of the most respected titles in WCW. Some diehard fans of the ‘90s would even argue it was the best title of the era due to the great matches and future stars to feature it. Names like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero helped create something special to move the industry forward.

WCW didn’t always have a great talent representing the cruiserweight division as there were a few misses throughout the run. Fans tend to overlook the worst champs in that division for the better ones. Find out which names hurt the legacy of the belt with their title reigns. The following wrestlers were the worst Cruiserweight Champions in WCW history.

10. Alex Wright

WCW initially viewed Alex Wright as someone with top star potential in the mid-90s. Ric Flair was one of his biggest supporters which helped him get a long-term contract, but Wright was never pushed strong by the company.

Wright got lost in the shuffle as WCW continued to add stars from WWE to improve their star power. WCW had Wright win the Cruiserweight Championship in 1997 to get some momentum, but his style failed to gel in the division.

9. Evan Karagias

The WCW career of Evan Karagias saw him placed into the cruiserweight division after many big names left to open up spots. Karagias struggled to have great matches at the same level of in-ring results like the better stars.

The Cruiserweight Championship win from Karagias came in 1999 and only lasted about a month. Karagias flopped in the role and didn’t rebound until he joined the 3 Count faction with Shane Helms and Shannon Moore.


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