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10 Wrestlers Hulk Hogan Buried in WWE & WCW

Hulk Hogan was known to throw around his creative control often. It led him to bury many potential top talents in both WWE and WCW.

Hogan had a negative reputation among his peers backstage during his legendary career. No one achieved more success in both brands than Hogan given his star power on both sides. Hogan was the face of WWE when the company took wrestling into the mainstream. WCW turned him heel to form the New World Order and gave them their biggest success passing WWE.

Unfortunately, quite a few wrestlers were negatively impacted by the star power that Hogan possessed. Both companies allowed Hogan to call his own shots when it came to who he worked with. The reasoning featured Hogan not believing in the talents, being intimidated by them or just wanting to flex his power.

10. WWE - Shawn Michaels

The dream match between Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan main evented SummerSlam 2005 with months of build. WWE expected them to have two matches tying up the series and keeping the door open for a third match the following year.

Hogan refused to work the scheduled rematch when showing up for the one match at SummerSlam. The match saw Michaels overselling to show his frustration of getting sabotaged by Hogan. Michaels’ heel turn ended the following night as WWE wanted to rebuild him after the loss.

9. WCW - Ric Flair

WWE never went through with the Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair match in the early ‘90s, but WCW booked it instantly when Hogan signed. The first match of Hogan saw him defeating Flair for the WCW Championship in an entertaining match.

WCW booked a few rematches with Hogan defeating Flair every single time. Even the weeks in between each match saw Hogan always getting the better of him. The two had issues in WCW due to Flair being upset over his burial before becoming close friends later in life.


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