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10 Wrestlers You Didn't Expect to Have Match in Ring of Honor

When we become accustomed to a wrestler and one particular promotion, we often forget that they spent time in other promotions. Those stints may have been long or short but their careers were built or extended with matches outside WWE, AEW, TNA/Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), WCW, or ECW.

One of the biggest independent promotions is ROH (Ring of Honor) which started in 2002 and has seen partnerships with some of the aforementioned promotions and although not all the relationships were great, they have had many names step between their ropes. Names like Daniel Bryan, Kenny Omega, Seth Rollins, and AJ Styles have had their time remembered, but here are 10 wrestlers you did not know had a match in ROH.

10. Daniel Puder

A subject in the "whatever happened to him?" category, after winning Tough Enough in 2004, Daniel Puder's only match on the WWE main roster was competing in the 2005 Royal Rumble match where he received what many called a "hazing." After spending some time in development, he was released by WWE in September '05.

The former MMA fighter had a 1-0 record before trying WWE and would continue in MMA after his release, retiring 8-0. Puder also wrestled in NJPW before his 2011 wrestling retirement, but before that, Puder made a stop in ROH in January 2008. He defeated Mikey Bennett (Mike Kanellis) at Proving Ground and defeated Alex Payne and Rhett Titus the next night at Transform.

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