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14 Insane Stories About Bruce Lee: Myth or Legend?

Chuck Norris may have earned his own custom line of jokes regarding his supposed superhuman qualities, but legends about Bruce Lee have been kicking butt for much longer. And considering the Bruce Lee real story proves many of his legendary feats have a solid base in reality, consider that another knockout for Lee. Although rumors about playing ping pong with nunchucks and snatching rice out of the air using chopsticks may not be true, Bruce Lee facts include an astonishing record of physical feats, endurance, and stories about his amazing achievements.

When his legends blended into the Bruce Lee true story, epic myths about a near-superhuman man emerged. His devotion to training both his mind and body led him to master power and strength that seem wild to everyone else. Lee's study of philosophy also helped grow his myth, as people consistently attribute wise quotes and sage advice to the martial arts master. When he passed at age 32, he was just becoming a star in the US, having already gained a huge amount of popularity overseas. Perhaps because his life was so short and the world never got to see him as an old man saddled with age like the rest of humanity, legends about Lee remain strong. He will always be young and strong in fans' eyes, and the legends he created will remain unchallenged by time. Could Lee really send a man flying with only a one inch movement of his fist or knock someone out in a matter of seconds? While the legends say yes, the truth may surprise you.


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