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15 Heaviest Pro Wrestlers in History

Pro wrestling has always been an industry of big men. Most of the greats have been at least 250 pounds and on many occasions, a whole lot more than that. A superstar of 220 pounds, a neat 100 kg, falls onto the smaller side of the scale. Even at 300 pounds, the weight of an average football lineman, a wrestler isn't considered overly huge. Make no mistake, 300 pounds is a decent sized human no matter how you look at it. In that kind of territory you're looking at the likes of The Undertaker, or Hulk Hogan. But they're simply dwarfed by the true giants we've seen in the ring.

If we take a step up from The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan into the 350 pound range, we run into such luminaries as Kevin Nash. Now we're starting to talk about some big wrestlers. Or are we? Crank it up another 50 pounds and you're rubbing shoulders with Mark Henry, or Rikishi who hovered around the 425 lbs mark. These are big men, but they're not close to breaking into our list of the top 15 heaviest wrestlers of all time.

So big are the wrestlers on this list that most of them are no longer with us, having succumbed to a weight related illness. Just missing the cut is King Kong Bundy who was billed at 458 pounds throughout his wrestling career. That's more than 207 kg if we employ the metric system. He'd beat opponents with an avalanche splash and sometimes impelled the referee to deliver a five count instead of the standard three. He's an absolute giant compared with me or you, but looks like a baby up against the men on this list. Just imagine stepping into the ring with any of these guys. Chances are you'd probably need assistance getting back to the locker room. While these guys' billed weights fluctuated a little throughout their career, we're going by the number they were at their heaviest.


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