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4 Best Flying Knee Knockouts in MMA History

They take impeccable timing and near-flawless execution to pull off. We’re talking about the flying knee knockout — one of the most thrilling techniques ever seen in the MMA cage.

To execute a perfect flying knee knockout, a fighter has to time his opponent, catching him as he comes in or during a defensive lapse. In any other situation, the flying knee is very easily telegraphed and can be blocked or evaded.

But if it connects, it’s almost guaranteed to end matters quickly. The power it generates can end fights abruptly and in devastating fashion.

The best way to land a flying knee is when an opponent least expects it. The sheer impact and element of surprise should, more often than not, deliver a highlight-reel knockout of epic proportions.

There have been many attempts of flying knees in the past, some successful, some not. But when they do connect, it’s an instant crowd-pleaser. It can turn the lights out on anyone, no matter how rock solid their chin is.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most exciting flying knee knockouts in the history of the sport. Today, Evolve Daily shares four of the best flying knee knockouts in MMA.


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