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5 Best & Worst WCW Starrcade Events in History

Starrcade was WrestleMania for the NWA/WCW, and it actually predated the biggest event in WWE. The event launched in 1983 with the NWA and Jim Crockett Promotions and moved on to WCW in 1988. WWE even revived it as a glorified house show starting in 2017. However, during its time in NA/WCW, it was the biggest event of the year for the company.

The original Starrcade was a Thanksgiving Day event, but they moved to December when WWE started airing Survivor Series and had the pull to demand exclusivity on Thanksgiving. It was always when the biggest storylines climaxed, just like WrestleMania every year. With 18 events while under the NWA/WCW umbrella, here are the five best and five worst Starrcade events ever.


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