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5 Fight Documentaries Worth Watching

When it comes to the fight business, real life is often far more dramatic than anything Hollywood could dream up, as these documentaries prove

Boxing is a natural subject for a documentary—the sport provides so much drama, both in and out of the ring, that it provides plenty of fodder for filmmakers. The same is true of MMA, but as a relatively new sport it has not yet racked up the numbers of docs the way boxing has. Here are five documentaries that dive into the real life stories behind the headlines, and give fight fans a better understanding of what these athletes endure in order to succeed.

1. Tyson (2008) - The great thing about Mike Tyson is his ability to unflinchingly describe his own failings and heartbreak. Tyson makes good use of this, with gut wrenching interviews that detail the rise and fall of the boxing great. In particular, Tyson’s emotion-filled description of his relationship with trainer Cus D’Amato makes for devastating viewing. Directed by James Toback, the documentary views Tyson solely through Tyson’s own point of view, and therefore lacks a broader, critical understanding of the fighter. However, that laser focused viewpoint also provides the audience with a penetrating look into what makes the man tick, and feels exceedingly honest.


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