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5 IMPACT vs. WWE Dream Matches That Were Great & 5 That Were Not

Dream matches can either deliver or become a nightmare. Both cases have been true when it comes to WWE and IMPACT talents facing off.

The best wrestlers to come out of TNA made names for themselves in an industry that was dominated by WWE. Both promotions had their own success stories of talents going back and forth. Quite a few dream matches would take place when talents finally mixed it up for the attractions. The matches would have results going both ways of huge success or disappointments.

Some wrestlers switched companies when moving too late to deliver a great outing. Others found the right timing to deliver classic bouts that fans wanted to see for years. Each instance featured a different story of why the match was appealing and how it played out.

10. Great: Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe

The move to WWE for Samoa Joe allowed him to have quite a few dream matches when making his way to the main roster. Joe got over enough to become a credible threat to Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship reign.

The big match main evented the Great Balls of Fire PPV with huge expectations. Joe was one of the few wrestlers to look strong against Joe in both the booking and the match. Fans wanted more from the two, but the one singles match was a hit.


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