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5 Lesser Known Things About Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso is a former Tag Team Champion alongside his brother Jey. The duo are the sons of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, and over the past few years, they have made quite an interesting case to be called one of the best tag teams in the world.

Alongside The New Day, The Usos have had a fantastic rivalry over the years, and even though they are not currently holding gold, there is a feeling that there is only a matter of time before the duo are thrown back into the mix.

Jimmy Uso has a lot of links in WWE since he's the cousin of both Tamina and Roman Reigns, but he's also married to former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi, which is why the couple has been spotted together on WWE TV numerous times.

While the above are all well-known facts about the former Tag Team Champion, here are some facts concerning Jimmy Uso that not every WWE fan will know.


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