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5 Top Moments from Joe Rogan in UFC

Isn't that the guy from Fear Factor? That's exactly what would have popped up in an MMA rookie's head when they saw Joe Rogan while watching a major UFC show for the very first time.

Rogan's ticket to fame may have come from being the host of the American stunt/dare game show but he was part of the UFC payroll right from the promotion's humble beginnings. Rogan was picked up by the Dana White and co. in 1997 and has been a faithful servant ever since.

Along the way, he has assumed hosting duties, acted in many shows and movies, advanced enormously as a stand-up comedian, and has put together one of the most engaging podcasts across the interwebs. Anyone who watches the Joe Rogan Experience would tell you how amazing it is. They would also tell you about Rogan's recreational pot usage and his fixation with chimpanzees.


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