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5 Wrestlers NJPW Booked Well & 5 Who They Poorly Handled

NJPW has had their hands on tons of wrestlers, but not everyone was handled well. From AJ Styles to Adam Cole, let's see who's booked well and poorly.

New Japan has become a top force in wrestling with great success on an international level over the past decade. The outstanding in-ring work has seen top talents from all over the world wanting to work there to perfect their craft. Some WWE names have elected to leave the company with hopes of having a run in NJPW to resurrect their career.

The booking of NJPW is typically simple and effective with storytelling and intense action. Unfortunately, not every wrestler trying to work there will find success. Both success stories and flops have shown drastically life can be for wrestlers trying out the promotion. Find out what caused each scenario to play out as such with wrestlers who NJPW booked perfectly and wrestlers they mishandled.

10. AJ Styles - Booked Well

AJ Styles has always been a great wrestler, but he lost a lot of momentum towards the end of his TNA run. The decision to leave TNA came when Styles refused to take a pay cut. Things were up in the air since WWE showed no interest in him.

New Japan was the promotion to sign Styles and give him an incredible push. Styles was the first foreign IWGP Heavyweight Champion since Brock Lesnar. NJPW made him the leader of the Bullet Club replacing Finn Balor and allowed him to have classic matches that rebuilt his reputation.


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