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Andre Ward on Continuing Feud with Carl Froch: He Couldn't Admit I Beat Him

Andre Ward discussed his feud with Carl Froch on the latest episode of TKO, together with 32Red. Speaking to Carl Frampton and host Chris Lloyd, the American former boxer - who handed Froch his second and final defeat of his professional career - broke down the key issues between the two.

Despite seemingly burying the hatchet after Ward's victory over Froch in the final of the Super Six World Boxing Classic in December 2011, there was another war of words between the two after George Groves' retirement announcement in January.

Annoyed at what he perceived to be disrespect from Froch after he stated that British boxing wouldn't miss Groves, Ward called him "the biggest hater" and that his "arrogance is off the charts", leading to a bit of a spat on Twitter.


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