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Anniversary Celebration In Nashville - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. , This week, we take a look at Slammiversary 2007!

Slammiversary 2007 returned to the city where IMPACT Wrestling was born — Nashville! It also played host to one of IMPACT Wrestling’s signature bouts, the King of the Mountain match. For newcomers to IMPACT Wrestling, the King of the Mountain match went down like this: Five competitors were all looking to climb a ladder and hang the World Championship high atop the ring – that’s right, I said hang.

What made the King of the Mountain match so unique was that it was basically a reverse ladder match. Instead of climbing the ladder to retrieve the belt like in a traditional ladder match, you were climbing to hang it up! In order to be eligible to do so, you had to first score a pinfall or submission. In turn, the person who got defeated would then spend two minutes in the penalty box, eliminating them contention for the time period.

On this night, Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Chris Harris, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles were battling to crown the first ever IMPACT Wrestling World Champion after the promotion separated from the NWA. After a hard-fought battle in front of a massive live crowd and pay-per-view audience, Kurt Angle scored the victory and the title!

The action also got extreme at Slammiversary 2007. Prior to the main event, Abyss went to war with Tomko in a No Disqualification Match. The brawl went all over the arena in Nashville, Tennessee and the two warriors eventually made their way back up the ramp to the stage! They fought each other up scaffolding when disaster struck! Tomko swung a barbed-wire baseball bat at Abyss but he countered and sent Tomko crashing from the top of the stage to the floor below! Abyss went on to score the victory in this hardcore bout.

Another monumental match that took place was a singles contest between Sting and Christopher Daniels. Leading into the event, we saw a new darker side of Daniels that came with a whole new level of viciousness! Sting attempted to help Daniels return to his former self but Daniels wanted no part of it! Fans knew they were witnessing something special when Sting repelled from the top of the arena into the ring to start the bout! In the end, Sting connected with his signature Scorpion Death Drop to teach Daniels a lesson he’d never forget!


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