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Boxer Outclasses & Taunts Opponent Throughout Fight, Gets KOed in Final Seconds

Many doubted whether Sam Maxwell could overcome opponent Sabri Sediri in this massive WBO European super lightweight title fight on Saturday night.

It was a bout dominated by Sediri but in the final seconds, after plenty of taunting and showboating in the latter stages, a determined Maxwell pulled off a devastating two-punch combo to become champion.

He may have been trailing on the scorecards by some margin, but the 30-year-old, who suffered multiple knock-downs throughout the fight, never gave up.

He got his just rewards with just 10 seconds remaining. AND THE NEW!

Sediri was clearly mocking the Liverpudlian here, but Maxwell had the last laugh with this devastating right, left combination, dropping the French fighter to the canvas.

The result certainly picked up some reaction on social media.


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