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Bret Hart Forgives Vince McMahon: "Vince Had Probably Very Little To Do With What Happened To Owen"

Wrestling icon Bret Hart says he doesn't hold Vince McMahon responsible for his brother Owen Hart's death. Owen was the victim of an unfortunate accident in 1999 and would succumb to the injuries sustained from a fall from a great height above the ring.

The Hart family is known to have held resentment against McMahon and WWE. Owen's wife has refused to let WWE induct the deceased superstar into the Hall of Fame posthumously due to bad feelings over the whole thing. Bret, however, does not blame McMahon anymore and admits the WWE chairman had very little to do with the unfortunate incident.

"I was pretty bitter towards Vince, especially after The Screwjob, and I didn't like a lot of what happened with my brother Owen's horrible accident," Bret said on the latest episode of Confessions of the Hitman (H/T Wrestling Inc.). But I do believe in retrospect, when we look back, that Vince had probably very little to do with what happened to Owen. Like, he barely even knew what was going on there.

"I think that kind of proved itself to be true, so I didn't hold a lot of grudges toward Vince for what happened to Owen, but I did hold some grudges over what happened in Montreal with just how much he misled me and betrayed me in the end with so many lies, really." Hart added, "and again, I don't think he is proud of his conduct through that."


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