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Bret Hart on Being Misused by WCW: 'There Was So Much Talent I Could Have Worked With'

When Bret Hart left the WWE for WCW at the end of 1997, it unfortunately marked the beginning of the end for his illustrious in-ring career.

Hart signed a 20-year contract with WWE in 1996, but Vince McMahon quickly realized that he couldn't afford to pay it out. The WWE chairman talked to Hart about leaving for the rival WCW promotion, and the latter reluctantly agreed.

Unfortunately, it didn't go the way Hart and WCW fans had hoped. They mismanaged his character from the beginning, and Hart was fed up with all the backstage politics in a promotion that was quickly unraveling. A series of concussions forced Hart to retire from professional wrestling in 2000.

The WWE Hall of Famer discussed his disappointing tenure in WCW on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions (h/t, and Hart went on quite the rant against the defunct wrestling promotion.

"You know who told me that before I ever went there? You," Hart explained to Austin. "Guys that had been there, including Kevin Nash, said, 'Don't ever go there. They're the biggest, dumbest idiots in the world.'"

"There was so much talent I could have worked with—Booker T, (Hulk) Hogan—I should have worked with Hogan, right away," Hart said. "I should have had Hulk Hogan in a sharpshooter and done some big numbers with him. I went into WCW, I had more heat—I had wrestled you at WrestleMania 13, I beat Undertaker at SummerSlam, I knocked Vince (McMahon) out, I didn't really lose to Shawn (Michaels)."


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