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Chicago Blackhawks Mascot Goes Khabib on Fan in Altercation

Fighting a mascot is a bad idea—mascot’s advantages: padding, potential athleticism, people care about it more than you—and it becomes an even worse idea when the cameras are rolling. The Chicago Blackhawks’ Tommy Hawk scuffled with a fan after Friday night’s game, and he handled himself well.

What’s known from the clip is that “McFadden hates the hawks.” Is McFadden the guy sparring with a mascot? If so, he’s not very good. The person inside Tommy Hawk, on the other hand, might’ve wrestled in high school or college. There’s a decent suplex a few seconds in—should’ve lowered his knees a little more on the pickup—and Tommy did a solid job of controlling his opponent even as he worked his way up to neutral position.


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