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Creed II's Viktor Drago's Diet Consisted of $500/Week at Shake Shack

It's no small task to cast the role of Viktor Drago, the son of one of history's most iconic movie villains: Rocky IV's Ivan Drago, of "If he dies, he dies" and "I must break you" fame. But the team behind Creed II found their man in Florian Munteanu, a Romanian boxer and fitness model who at 6-foot-4 and close to 250 pounds has earned every letter in his "Big Nasty" nickname.

With Creed II finally hitting theaters this week, we spoke with the 28-year-old about making weight, training with Michael B. Jordan, and the real secret to his success: his morning routine of downing the strangest bowl of cereal you can imagine. Hey, it's clearly working.


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