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Dan Severn Talks Long MMA Career, Over-Exaggerated Wrestling Characters

Former UFC star Dan Severn was a recent guest on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast. The former NWA World Champion opened up on a myriad of topic related to his time in MMA and professional wrestling. Highlights appear below. 

"People are amazed what what I’ve done, especially if you look at the age. Let’s keep it really real right now. I started a cage fighting career at 37 years of age. Nobody starts a career at 37. You walk away, retire then, but that’s what opportunity presented itself. In my mindset, I said, ‘Let me try this. I’ll try it one time.’ One time went OK, ‘Well, let’s try another.’ One year led to five years, led to ten years, to even a twenty year career I had with this. Even in my final few years, when I’m realizing that I’m older than most of my opponents’ fathers, I started realizing maybe I better exit."


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