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Dana White on Coronavirus: "I'm Going to Figure It Out"

Dana White's Ultimate Fighting Championship was an outlier until late in the sports world, trying to fight against the tide of ever-growing coronavirus cases, and maintain a business as usual attitude, by hosting a UFC Fight Night event last Saturday in Brasilia, Brazil, albeit without fans in the arena.

White's willingness to seemingly keep calm and fight on came as a result of his speaking with both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Though White is at pains to point out that their guidance was not specific to UFC, it was "be cautious, be safe, but don't panic. You don't want the entire country freaking out and panicking. And in times like these, people need to be entertained.

"People need to feel some sort of normalness going on," White told CNN Sport's Don Riddell. "And you know, if I can still figure out ways to run the UFC and do it safely, and not put any of my people in harm then we were going to do it."


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