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Dave Bautista Went Broke When He First Left WWE For Acting Career

Batista recently sat down for an interview and discussed the first time he left WWE and took a chance on himself as an actor. In an attempt to do something he wasn't sure he could do, he went broke before finally getting his big break.

Batista was part of the Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 panel and while talking about how he got his start in Hollywood he said the reason he set out to become an actor in the first place was because he realized he was so bad at it. The drive to improve gave him the itch to pursue the idea of being in movies but WWE wouldn't let him leave his contract to try landing acting roles.

Batista told Vince that if they wouldn't allow him to pursue something he was passionate about, he would leave. They thought he was bluffing, said no, he left wrestling at the top of his game and tried for three years to get movie roles. Batista detailed about losing every penny he'd made in WWE but refused to go back to wrestling until he'd made it as an actor.

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