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Florida Man Arrested for DUI, Allegedly Bribes Police with Free MMA Classes

According to FOX 35 in Orlando, Calen Holcomb, 34, was pulled over in Cape Canaveral last week. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office say that, while attempting to back into a parking spot, Holcomb almost hit a building.

Deputies said that when they made contact with Holcomb he appeared to be stumbling. The deputies claimed they also noted a smell of alcohol and that Holcomb’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

Holcomb reportedly refused to participate in both a breath test and a field sobriety exercise. During the encounter Holcomb apparently repeatedly mentioned that he is a professional mixed martial artist.

Holcomb is indeed a pro fighter, with a record of 0-2. His pro bouts came in 2014 and 2016 in the Real Fighting Championships and Orlando City Fights promotions. As an amateur Holcomb amassed a 3-0 record.

When telling deputies about his combat sports experience, Holcomb allegedly offered to give the cops a month of free MMA classes in exchange for letting him go. Deputies claimed Holcomb also offered to sweeten the deal by beating up other suspected criminals.

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