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Georges St-Pierre on Running into Childhood Bully and Giving Him Wake Up Call

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre once revealed how his brutally honest words to his childhood bully turned his life around.

The former UFC superstar, 38, had an illustrious career in combat sport and announced his retirement from MMA in February.

But 'GSP' wasn't always one of the toughest fighters in history and was bullied when he was younger.

Speaking to Hot 97 in 2017, the Canadian star explained how he crossed paths with his old foe on the streets.

But the man who had bullied 'GSP' didn't enjoy the same success as the UFC legend as he was begging for money from passers-by.

"I don't know if he was homeless, but he was asking for money," the Canadian said.

"When he saw me, he recognised me."

While the man didn't acknowledge his history with 'GSP' -- or couldn't remember it -- he asked him for help and St-Pierre responded: "Man, what are you doing here?

"You're a tall guy, you're good looking. What the hell?"


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