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How Did $5 Million of McMahon's Money Go To The Trump Foundation?

On Tuesday, the New York State Attorney General’s Office announced that they had reached a settlement in their suit against the Donald J. Trump Foundation over its (prolific) self-dealing and other assorted misdeeds. Beyond the usual Trump-scented malfeasance in which the foundation engaged, one detail especially jumps out: the foundation’s biggest donors were WWE founder Vince McMahon and his wife Linda, the latter of which is now a member of Trump’s cabinet. The actual story of how the McMahon’s money wound up in Trump’s Foundation is quite a bit more complicated than that, though, most notably because the Foundation’s official filings say that it was in fact WWE, the McMahons’ publicly-traded company, made the donations. This goes against multiple contradictory denials that the company has made over the years regarding its responsibility.


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