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Inside TJ Dillashaw's Weight Cut for UFC Fight Night Brooklyn

Anna Boyiazis / ESPN

When TJ Dillashaw agreed to fight Henry Cejudo for the UFC's 125-pound title, he weighed 154 pounds with 8 percent body fat.

So, how in the world did Dillashaw, the UFC's 135-pound bantamweight champion, safely cut 29 pounds in the past 12 weeks for his flyweight title fight on Saturday? The answers lie in his work ethic and a complicated algorithm designed by his strength and conditioning coach Sam Calavitta.

"It makes sure to stay within the bounds of safety, so as not to allow the body to go into siege mode -- a state of withholding that is basically a never-ending circle you can't get out of," says Calavitta, a former aerospace engineer. "That's where guys end up killing themselves."


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