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Jim Ross Talks About Time NWA-Affiliated Promoters Plotted to Kill Vince McMahon

Seems as if some people hated Vince McMahon so much once upon a time that they were almost willing to take out a hit on him.

Vince McMahon is one of the most fascinating people in the world, and not just the pro wrestling part of it. Some of the stories about the WWE chairman are mindboggling. His reaction when someone in the same room as him dares to sneeze. The late-night workouts that he performs in lieu of getting any sleep. It sounds as if the Mr. McMahon er see on-screen isn't too detached from the one that exists behind the scenes.

Whether you love or hate Mr. McMahon, it's hard to deny that the man is a genius. Owners and promoters of some of wrestling's old territories might not deny that, but will have definitely fallen on the hate side of the fence. After McMahon took control of WWE, he went about buying out his rivals, something he eventually achieved.


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