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Jon Moxley: Why I Left WWE

Jon Moxley was a guest on this week’s Talk is Jericho. In his first interview since leaving WWE, the superstar formerly known as Dean Ambrose gives all the heartfelt details on what lead to him leaving WWE and why he’s at the apex of his life right now.

It’s been a bizarre few months for Jon Moxley. Rumors of him leaving WWE began circulating in January which put the wrestling world into a pandemonium. Everybody had an opinion, rumors were spreading around, announcers were talking about it while the former Dean Ambrose was in the ring and all the while Jon Moxley never once said a word.

“I didn’t ask [WWE] to put out a weird press release or bring it up on commentary or none of that. I haven’t said a word. The only thing that was close to a word that I said was we had the little interview with Michael Cole and that was out of self-preservation because I had a feeling I was being set up so I was ready and I beat him to the punch. Even then, I didn’t even really give any information out. I just gave him the line, ‘I walked into this casino eight years ago and now I’m cashing in my chips.’ That didn’t give out any information. That was only said out of self-preservation because I kind of felt there was some sort of set up with it like, ‘Breaking News! Dean Ambrose can’t hack it in WWE so he’s going to go for a career in the minor leagues!’ or something like that, you know? So I was ready for that.”

Chris Jericho, sitting at the home of Jon Moxley a few days before his memorable debut at AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, where the two men with a past in WWE but now liberated by their stranglehold talk openly about where they were and where they are now going.

“We’re sitting here at my kitchen table in my beautiful home and I’ve never been happier,” Jon Moxley admits with a hint of relief in his voice.

“I am at the absolute apex of life right now. I feel so good- I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders.”


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