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Josh Emmett Has No Feelings in Gums on Left Side of Mouth After Knockout Loss to Jeremy Stephens

Josh Emmett still has no feeling in the gums on the left side of his mouth. That is one thing that never came back following his knockout loss to Jeremy Stephens in February 2018 -- and from what doctors have told him, there's a good chance it never will.

"I can take my nail and scratch those gums on the left side, and I won't feel a thing," Emmett told ESPN.

How big of a loss is that to Emmett? In other words, as odd as the question might sound, does one miss the feeling in one's gums once it's gone?

"I guess not," Emmett laughs. "I guess I've gotten used to it. It's been gone for over a year. At first it was really awkward, but you get used to it."

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