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Kevin Randleman Once Saved a Fan's Life: 'It Was Kevin and I Broke the F- Down'

All it took was one troubling tweet for Kevin Randleman to leap into action and likely save a man’s life years ago.

Marcus Sewell once considered taking his own life. An unlikely direct message, and follow-up phone call from the former UFC Heavyweight champion, changed all that. Sewell initially shared the story in a since-deleted Reddit post in 2017.

He recently shed more light on the encounter in A Fighter’s Legacy podcast about Randleman.

“I had this thought that I should really just end my life. I went onto Twitter like, ‘This is the end of the ropes and stuff like that. I can’t take life anymore. Goodbye’,” Sewell shared. “I was really going to do it. I went somewhere, found rope wherever my dad’s shed was. I get a notification on Twitter. It was from Kevin Randleman. I think it was a private message. He was like, ‘Hey, are you okay? What’s going on?’ I just flat out said, ‘I’m just about to kill myself.’ He was like, ‘what’s your number?’ and I gave it to him. A couple minutes I get a call from a withheld number... He said, ‘Hello, is this Marcus?’ It was Kevin and I broke the f—k down.”


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