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Lennox Lewis Recalls Sparring Mike Tyson as Amateur: Nice Guy, But He Was Trying to Kill Me

Lennox Lewis has discussed having to spar with a young Mike Tyson as they were too good for others in their age group.

Lewis and Tyson would eventually fight in 2002 in the twilight of their careers but they did interact early on in their careers.

Lewis also discussed the infamous sparring session with Joe Rogan earlier this year.

Speaking on Rogan's podcast, the former world champion said:

"I remember going to the Catskills. I won the World Junior Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I remember the American team were like, 'Oh you have not fought the best.'"

"I said 'I thought the Americans sent the best team?'

"They said 'Yeah but there is one guy who don't like taking plans and his manager don't like taking plans either.'

"The first time Tyson actually met me he was a really nice guy, he took me to his room and showed me some old flicks I have never seen before."


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