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Mick Foley on Worst Injury He Received Wrestling: "My Ear Did Not Make The Journey With Me"

Mick Foley has been chokeslammed through Hell in a Cells, he’s landed on thumbtacks, he’s wrestled in barbed-wire rope matches, and more. Foley caught up with the folks from TMZ recently and described the most gruesome injury he ever received throughout his career. Perhaps not surprisingly, Foley says losing his ear in a match against Big Van Vader in Germany is the top spot on his list.

“I was in a match with Leon White, the great Leon White, in Germany, Munich, Germany, and things took a turn for the worse. I got my head caught up in the ropes, I wedged my way out, my ear did not make the journey with me and I want it stated for the record, we finished the match. Like it was a non-televised house show and we finished the match.”


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