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Mike Tyson on Street Fight with Mitch Green: "I Thought I Killed Him. I Was So Scared."

Mike Tyson admitted that he was relieved when he found out Mitch Green "wasn't dead" after their infamous Harlem street fight in 1988.

The 53-year-old boxing legend fought with Green inside the squared circle in 1986 and secured a unanimous decision victory at Madison Square Garden in New York.

But their heated rivalry escalated only two years later when they clashed in an early-morning street fight.

Tyson has now opened up about the incident and revealed how he beat the living hell out of Green, only for his rival to recover like some "f*****g Michael Myers s**t!"

He explained on his Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson podcast: "He [Green] started talking and saying, 'What the f**k you doing in my hood, n****r?' Then it was on from there.

"Right in the street [we fought]. Real quick.

"He was just talking a lot and I really thought he was grabbing for my pockets, so I pulled my pockets out because if he ripped my pants all the money would fall and I wouldn't have a chance to get my money so I'd have to fight this cat right and then my money is to the wolves.

"So, anyway, that's just when I started punching him.

"I dropped him a couple of times, but he was high on angel dust [PCP] so he kept getting back up!

"Just like Friday the 13th f*****g Michael Myers s**t! Boom, I knock him out cold! He keeps getting back up. I'm like, 'f**k!'"


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