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Mike Tyson Once Offered to Fight Gorilla for $10,000

Former boxing heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson has always been an eccentric personality. He owned a pet tiger once and spent tens of thousands of dollars a month to feed the damn thing. Then one time there was this gorilla, and instead of wanting to feed it, “Iron Mike” wanted to fight it.

Tyson once offered a zookeeper $10,000 to let the boxer beat up a gorilla because of course he did. Tyson literally wanted to step inside the zoo’s enclosure, walk up to the wild animal, and give it an overhand right to the dome.

Tyson revealed the incident to The Sun and explained how he and then-wife Robin Givens were at the zoo. Apparently, Tyson wasn’t too fond of the alpha male of the group because it was roughing up the others in the band. He wanted to be an enforcer, just like he was in the WWE, we assume.


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