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Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase on Origin of His Iconic Laugh

Ted DiBiase recently revealed how his iconic laugh became a pillar of his character and had the timing been slightly different, it might never have happened.

Thanks to the wide, wide world of wrestling podcasts, fans have been able to hear all sorts of stories about how certain wrestling characters came to be. How Stone Cold came up with his 3:16 gimmick, and the transformation of Batista from the terrible Leviathan idea to The Animal who would go on to win multiple World Championships.

A lot of the time, it sounds as if gimmicks that end up being huge parts of a wrestler's career almost happen by accident. That if the timing hadn't have been just right, the history of the business would have been very different. Take Stone Cold, for example. Had the smack in the mouth he received on the night he came up with Austin 3:16 been any worse, he'd have missed the chance to become King of the Ring and deliver that line.

It sounds as if Ted DiBiase has fate to thank for a big part of his character too. When most fans think of The Million Dollar Man, the first thing that springs to mind is his laugh. DiBiase recently told Wrestling Inc.'s Andy Malnoske that the laugh is very similar to his real-life one, just turned up a little.


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