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MTK Global: Big Name Fighters Will Lose Out During Pandemic

Elite boxers will be hit harder than lower level fighters due to the limitations on sports events caused by the coronavirus pandemic, MTK Global vice-president Jamie Conlan has said.

As restrictions are being lifted in some parts of the world, boxers are weighing up whether to box sooner for less money without crowds or wait for a bigger pay day when crowds are allowed back.

Some boxers don't have a choice and face more months of inactivity before it will be possible for them to box again due to government restrictions on public gatherings.

Professional boxing events without crowds will be limited to five bouts per show and are expected to be staged in the United Kingdom (UK) from July after the sport was shut down in March due to the coronavirus crisis.

However, Conlan says it is the top names who could potentially lose out when boxing resumes again.

"I think the elite fighters will be in a worse position then the lower level fighters," Conlan told ESPN.

"The top guys rely on ticket deals, but now you are going to have to rely on a purse [without any crowds]. With the big names the money they were being guaranteed before is going to be skimmed down for these behind closed doors shows."


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