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Olympic Gymnast Takes Punch From Strongman Eddie Hall

YouTuber and retired Olympic gymnast Wilson, who is 5ft 6in and 132lbs, must have known he wouldn't stand a chance against Hall, who clocks in at 6ft 3in and 350lbs.

For reasons best known to himself, Wilson decided to accept a free shot to the torso from a man who once managed to deadlift more than 1,100lbs - nearly 10 times Nile's weight.

At the beginning of the full clip, which is on YouTube, Wilson takes a shot at Hall to start them off.

Of course, it barely touches Hall, who explains: "The thing is, mate, I train - with my training, I'll hang on a bar and my training partner will smash me in the gut.

Obviously, as you can see, I've also got a massive wall of thick muscle there."

He flexes his abs, which then leads to the pair getting in the ring for a sparring session, before getting serious.

After Wilson tries his best - and fails - to land a jab, the pair get down to business.

With the former gymnast wearing a protective layer around his middle, Hall asks him: "Do you feel safe and that?"

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