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Real Life Diet of Finn Balor: Genetics

Even in a locker room filled with some of the fittest people on Earth, WWE’s Finn Bálor stands out for his physique. Specifically, those abdominal muscles, which he seems to have an endless supply of. But when it comes to hitting the gym, Bálor has opted for a more laissez-faire approach. “People would be pretty surprised at how little training I do,” the former champion explained.

That’s why diet has become such a key component of Bálor’s everyday life, helping to ensure that he is, as he likes to say, always four days out: “If I feel like I'm out of shape, I can tighten it up in four days with my training and diet and be exactly where I need to be.”

He’ll especially need to be in tip-top shape when he takes on Bray Wyatt this Sunday at WWE’s SummerSlam event in Toronto. We caught up with the high-flying Irishman to find out how he’s preparing to step in the ring against an opponent who has a solid 100 pounds on him, and also discussed the exercises Bálor has learned to avoid in the wake of a shoulder injury.


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