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Robert Easter vs. Adrian Granados - Full Fight

It was a war from the opening bell. However, former world lightweight champion Robert Easter Jr. controlled the action for the most part, winning a 10-round unanimous decision over Adrian Granados in his super lightweight debut.

Early in the first, it appeared Easter (22-1-1, 14 KOs) would cruise. Granados, for his part, worked in burrowing forward. The ploy was met with some punishing jabs and trying to establish distance. But in the last minute of the first, Easter reverted back to his old habits, allowing the shorter fighter to get inside.

With 2:00 left in the second, Granados (20-8-2, 13 KOs) was able to get inside and nail Easter with a right uppercut. It seemed to work—and the inside fighting fed right into the game plan of Granados.

With :50 left in the third, the two stood toe-to-toe in the center of the ring and literally whaled on each other. Easter appeared to get the better of the exchange, landing the heavier, head-snapping shots.


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