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Ronda Rousey Beat Up Two Guys in Street Fight from 2014; They Tried to File Charges Against Her

Dana White once claimed that UFC legend Ronda Rousey was involved in a street fight with two massive men and inflicted some serious damage to the pair.

Rousey, 32, was a pioneer for women in combat sport and was the first female fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

And UFC president White told EsNews in 2014 that the men filed charges against the former MMA superstar, despite starting the fight in the first place.

The 50-year-old UFC chief explained: "Listen, this is a true story. [Ronda] got into a street fight with two huge guys in a movie theatre.

"She hurt them both so bad they went to the police department and filed charges against her, when they're the ones that started the fight with her.

"That was before she started fighting. That was when she was doing judo alone."

Rousey, who transitioned to WWE after her career in MMA, has confirmed that the incident took place.

During an appearance on Power 106 FM in 2014, she recalled how the situation at the movie theatre ended up turning into an all-out brawl.


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