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Sensational Sherri Once Beat Up Sapphire Over Not Showering

You'd think getting in the shower was one of the first things a wrestler would want to do after a grueling match. But we've learned enough over the years to know that isn't always the case.

This week's Something To Wrestle With podcast was a bit unique in that host Bruce Prichard told a very strange story involving Sensational Sherri and Sapphire. Prichard managed Randy Savage and Sherri in a feud against Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire between 1989 and 1990, with the storyline coming to an end at WrestleMania VI.

But the two females also worked a few house shows together as Vince McMahon wanted Sherri to teach Sapphire the ins and outs of the business.

The pair were travel partners and friends outside of the ring. Sherri, though, couldn't stand Sapphire's hygiene as the latter would not wash her ring attire or even really take a shower while on the road.


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