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Sting's Last Stand - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. Last week, we started our look at Genesis 2014 – an event so big, it spanned across two weekly episodes of IMPACT! Without further delay, let the action continue with Genesis 2014 Night Two!

Former Tag Team Champions Gunner and James Storm would do battle in the first bout of the evening. However, there was more than just bragging rights on the line – Gunner’s Feast or Fired Briefcase was at stake! That’s right, hanging on a pole was a contract that granted the winner a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship any place, any time! The first person to climb the ropes and retrieve the briefcase would be declared the winner. After numerous attempts and a sick Hurricanrana off the top rope, Gunner escaped with his briefcase intact.

Next, X-Division Champion Chris Sabin defended his championship against top contender, Austin Aries. This match came about after Sabin continued to mistreat his girlfriend, Velvet Sky. Aries came to her defense and thus, this clash of high-flyers was set to take place. However, Velvet Sky would not be allowed to get involved in the match whatsoever as she was confined to a cage at ringside! With no distractions, Aries was able fully combat Sabin and hit him with a devastating Brainbuster to win the match and the X-Division Championship!

It was now time for a rematch of rivals as Kurt Angle went to war with Bobby Roode inside a steel cage! These two have a habit of performing on big stages as they previously met two times at Bound for Glory pay-per-view events. In 2011, it was for the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship, in 2013 it was all about bragging rights and at Genesis 2014, it was personal! At one point, Angle had the opportunity to escape the cage and win the match but he decided to inflict extra damage on Roode instead! Angle leapt off the top of the steel cage and attempted a devastating Moonsault on Roode! Unfortunately, the extra time Angle took to change his mind allowed Roode to recover and he moved out of the way just in time. Near fall after near fall, neither man could put the other away. Finally, they both raced up the cage in an effort to escape with Angle narrowly winning the race and the match!

The finale of Genesis 2014 was upon us. After World Champion Magnus cost Sting a match against EC3 on Night One, Sting was looking for revenge. Magnus was willing to put his World Championship on the line but Sting had to put something of his own up for grabs too – his career! That’s right, Genesis 2014 Night Two was headlined by Magnus vs. Sting in a Title vs. Career match! Dixie’s army did everything in their power to try to put an ending to Sting’s career but Sting’s warriors were there to back him up! A huge brawl erupted in the ring, with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe facing off against Christoper Daniels, Kazarian, The BroMans and more. In the end, it was a sick clothesline from Bobby Roode that caught Sting off guard. This allowed Magnus to put Sting away with his finishing move and score the pinfall, effectively ending Sting’s career.


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