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Teacher Loses Over 200 lbs with Boxing & Keto Diet

A British teacher living in Australia lost a load of body weight - equivalent to another grown man - by changing his life, diet and exercise regime because he was worried he was setting a bad example to his students.

Just a few years ago, dad-of-three Derek Goforth tipped the scales at around 200kgs - that's about 440lbs, or 31.5 stone, depending on which measurement you want to use.

Now, he has shed 14.5 stone (92 kg; 203lbs) of that weight by adopting a new diet, taking up boxing and - crucially - showing some good ol' fashioned grit and determination.

To put his achievement into context, the average male weighs in at 13.3 stone in the UK. In Australia that figure is slightly - though not much - higher. It's also almost half of Derek's original body weight.

So how the hell do you shift that amount of timber in just a few short years?

Well, Derek, who is originally from Hull, East Yorkshire, explained: "I have always been a bigger kid, bigger teen, bigger adult.

"I made so many excuses for my unhealthy behaviour, convinced myself I was happy being big and I deluded myself into believing it didn't stop me doing things.

"I also developed several health issues - type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing issues. I stood on the scales and saw I was about to tip over 200kgs.

"But seeing my kids being active in Australia, participating in sport, swimming, playing with their friends, I decided that enough was enough."


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