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The 15 Most Shocking Fights In Sports History

Sports bring out a lot in people. There’s pride, there’s passion, and there’s a desire to do great. The game is not just for the athlete, but also for teammates and the fans, boosting an athlete’s desire to do their best. When things get heated, passions run hot and an athlete can become a little unhinged. It’s all too common in high school and college to see guys jawing and then getting into fights. However, it can happen even on a pro level a lot more than folks think. Soccer can get so rough that a “card” system was set up to try and curtail it. Baseball has plenty of major fights every season and hockey is infamous for brawls breaking out constantly. It’s one thing on the lower rungs, but the big leagues see some major stuff that doesn’t exactly make those involved look great. Some brawls are truly epic while others are notable for who’s involved.


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