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The It Factor vs. The Charismatic Enigma - IMPACT Wrestling Moments

The IMPACT Wrestling archives are full of unforgettable matches and moments. In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re going back to December 2012’s Final Resolution pay-per-view event. It featured a huge main event that saw Jeff Hardy put his World Championship on the line against Bobby Roode!

It was the final pay-per-view of another action-packed year in IMPACT Wrestling. 2012 saw the record-breaking championship reign of Bobby Roode and the shocking reign of Austin Aries, who dethroned him in the Summer. 2012 also played host to one of the most competitive Bound for Glory Series tournaments of all time, which was narrowly won by fan-favourite, Jeff Hardy. This led to Jeff Hardy defeating Austin Aries for the coveted World Championship at IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound for Glory. Final Resolution would be the culmination of a year’s worth of relentless energy and determination – naturally, two of the biggest stars of the year, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode, would square off with the World Championship on the line.

Roode’s devious ways were what got him this opportunity at the gold. At the previous month’s pay-per-view extravaganza, Turning Point, James Storm won a three-way, number one contenders match against Roode and AJ Styles. As per the stipulations of the match, whoever got pinned or submitted would not be eligible for another shot at the title until Bound for Glory 2013. On this night, Storm pinned Styles, eliminating him from title contention for the foreseeable future. However, the next week on IMPACT!, Roode persuaded Storm to put his championship opportunity on the line and cheated to pick up the win, stealing Storm’s shot at the world title!

Final Resolution was Bobby Roode’s opportunity to reestablish himself as IMPACT Wrestling’s all-star of 2012. After all, he had broken the record for longest reigning IMPACT Wrestling World Champion of all time, only to have his moment spoiled by former X-Division star, Austin Aries. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy had spent 2012 battling old rivals like Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. Who would leave 2012 on top and enter 2013 with all the momentum?

The night was upon us. In front of a jam packed house at the IMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida, Jeff Hardy put his World Championship on the line against Bobby Roode. Both competitors left it all in the ring, hitting signature move after signature move. Finally, it was one more thunderous Twist of Fate that put Roode away, awarding the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship to the Charismatic Enigma! The night was not over, however, as the rebellious group known as Aces and Eights attacked both men after the bell. Was this a sign of things to come in 2013?


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