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The Undertaker Bought Christian Those Weird Over-The-Head Sunglasses

Captain Carisma, Christian, was part of the latest edition of WWE Network's popular series - Photo Shoot! In this series, a Superstar is shown a series of pictures while he/she recounts the memories and interesting stories behind each of those pictures.

Christian has had an illustrious career in the WWE and spoke at length about his most memorable moments. One of the interesting stories he recounted was the gift that The Undertaker had bought for him during the early 2000s.

When shown the above picture, the former NWA World Champion reminisced how this pair of weird-looking sunglasses were a gift from The Deadman himself. Given The Undertaker's onscreen persona it is quite hard to fathom that 'Taker would purchase something so ridiculous and gift it to another Superstar.

The Instant Classic then revealed that he had been feuding with The Undertaker during that phase of his career, and the reason why 'Taker gave this gift to Christian was as a token of appreciation from The Phenom for the amount of 'Last Rides' Christian had to take and how well he took them.

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