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Top 10 Goldust Backstage Stories in Wrestling

Dustin Rhodes' career spans five decades. Whether as himself, Goldust, or another gimmick, he has been part of some wild backstage tales in that time.

The time spent in WWE as Goldust is what most fans remember first, but he had stints in WCW, TNA, and now AEW without the gimmick. Rhodes has now wrestled in five different decades after another solid year in 2020.

Any wrestler to have that much time in the business is bound to have some fascinating stories behind the scenes. Dustin clearly worked with enough promotions and talents to have the tidbits that provide entertainment in a way only wrestling can. Find out more Dustin aka Goldust with the best backstage stories from his career.

Accepted Goldust Gimmick Without Knowing What It Was

Dustin Rhodes badly wanted another chance in WWE to break out of the shadow of his father. Vince McMahon pitched the idea of Goldust when trying to come up with the right gimmick for Dustin in his return.

The term “androgynous” was used by Vince to describe the layers to the gimmick. Dustin agreed to the character even though he had no idea what the term was. The realization didn’t come until he looked at a dictionary later that day to realize it would be a risqué gimmick for the time.


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